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Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara

     Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara was born in 1805 at Kainkary, Kerala. After his early schooling and priestly studies he was ordained priest in 1829. Father Kuriakose founded the Indigenous Religious Congregation- Carmelites Mary Immaculate (CMI) on May 11, 1831. He was a pioneer in education and social work in the country. He was an illustrious scholar,educationist, prophetic writer, poet, multilinguist, social reformer and an organizer.Father Kuriakose was a man of deep prayer and he stayed in close communion with the Lord amidst his religious and social activities. So he was accepted as a man of God.

     Based on the traditional Carmelite spirituality Fr. Kuriakose introduced Monastic life in Kerala and emphasized the importance of education. Father Kuriakose took a keen interest in starting educational Institutions attached to the Monasteries and churches. The idea paved the way for progressive change in the field of educating in India. Education is one of the Charisms of the CMI Congregation. It is running a good number of schools, colleges, hospitals, social service centers, printing houses, and so on in various parts of India drawing inspiration from Father. Kuriakose. He died on January 3rd 1871 and his mortal remains are kept in St. Joseph's Monastry, Mannanam, Kerala.